Sunday, October 12, 2008

i m bek

ok come on let's see when was the last time i updated this blog?
it was MARCH 2008!more than half a year!
hehehe,you cant blame me for neglecting this blog and keep updating oni my chinese blog bcoz you know lar,not everyone can do everything in a fair manner and in this particular matter i admit i m a bit bias lar,dat's y oni update my chinese blog.
anyway i think nobody actually read this blog except kuria rite?haha!

life in KT is really nice despite the hectic schedule,we have nice beach here,nice air here, and nice people here.
beach is just 5 mins of driving distance away from the apartment i m living in n is just right behind the hospital, dat's y we can actually look at the blue blue sea from the windows of the ward and yes it provides us a chance to relax our mind temporarily while we were tortured by various diseases in the ward.
i love this hospital.
KT is really nice place to stay, seriously.(it'd be better if there are more chinese food here...:p)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Get close to the cliff, because I want to spread my wings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

celtic women

only one word can describe their voice: superb!

kuria:i still cant understand how come u can listen to their songs till feel like crying,but they r really amazing...

1. the voice

may it be

jesu joy of man's desiring


Monday, February 25, 2008

exam is coming!

alli, i dunno wat is the meaning of 'mia' ler,can u plz explain? :p
anyway i nearly forgot the existance of this blog,hehe..

the final exam is juz around the corner (only 57 days left!!!)
sometimes i tend to think dat still got 57 days lar,nvm,dun worry,take it ez,still got a lot of time mar,rite?
but then if we take 57 days deduct with the time for sleeping eating bathing playing etc and then divide the answer by 8, the time left for me to finish 8 systems is actually NOT ENUFF!!!
i was telling everyone:"i m going to KT this june" since i started this course, if i cant pass this exam, i have to repeat this statement for another year. (NO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!)
however, we have to prepare for the worst, so JW n me decided wat to do IF we fail this time.
he is going for nursing course while i'll still stay in sch of medicine, but will tell those who passed their exam:"u guys go ahead, i still hv something on, have to stay here for another year.i'll meet u guys soon."
anyway what i can do is try my best to prepare for the exam and be ready to face every challenge.