Sunday, October 12, 2008

i m bek

ok come on let's see when was the last time i updated this blog?
it was MARCH 2008!more than half a year!
hehehe,you cant blame me for neglecting this blog and keep updating oni my chinese blog bcoz you know lar,not everyone can do everything in a fair manner and in this particular matter i admit i m a bit bias lar,dat's y oni update my chinese blog.
anyway i think nobody actually read this blog except kuria rite?haha!

life in KT is really nice despite the hectic schedule,we have nice beach here,nice air here, and nice people here.
beach is just 5 mins of driving distance away from the apartment i m living in n is just right behind the hospital, dat's y we can actually look at the blue blue sea from the windows of the ward and yes it provides us a chance to relax our mind temporarily while we were tortured by various diseases in the ward.
i love this hospital.
KT is really nice place to stay, seriously.(it'd be better if there are more chinese food here...:p)